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Apache Kafka Complete Developer's Guide

Apache Kafka Complete Developer's Guide

Apache Kafka Complete Developer's Guide
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Learn core Apache Kafka features, create Java, Node.js, Python Producers and Consumers. Full Kafka hands-on experience!

What you'll learn

Understand how Apache Kafka works
Create fault-tolerant clusters with topics replication across multiple brokers
Apache Kafka Architecture
How to create Kafka cluster with multiple Brokers
Practice to create producers and consumers using built-in console producer and console consumer
Write custom producer and consumer in Java
Use Python and Node to produce and consume messages
Learn components of the Apache Kafka Cluster


You could have completely no prior knowledge about Apache Kafka
Prepare only your Mac, Windows or Linux/Unix computer. Anything will work.
Also you could know nothing about Java, Node or Python. I will explain all of these from beginning
We will start from the very beginning by installing Apache Kafka and exploring it's components


This course is all about Apache Kafka

Understand HOW Apache Kafka works and learn its core features ON PRACTICE. This is 80% practice course without no useless demos!

Build custom Apache Kafka Producers and Consumers using native Java API. Also you will build projects using APIs for other programming languages like Node.js and Python.

Become a master of Apache Kafka by understanding and practicing its architecture and main features.

All project files and mostly used commands are available in the GitHub repository.

This is the most complete practical Apache Kafka guide here on Udemy that includes tons of practical activities. Most important is that you will learn how Apache Kafka works and knowing it you will be able much more easier use its features and fix mistakes in the future after you'll finish this course. You can have zero knowledge about Apache Kafka, Java, Node.js or Python. All will be taught from scratch, from basic to advanced features. If you want to get deep knowledge of Apache Kafka this course is for you!

We will start by installing Apache Kafka on your computer, VPS (Virtual Private Server) or Virtual Machine on your computer. You will learn that installation of Apache Kafka is pretty easy - you just need to download archive with executable scripts and run them. Also you will learn and practice how to run multiple brokers on the same computer.

Afterwards we will jump into tons of practice activities and use different Apache Kafka features and built-in scripts. You will launch Zookeeper, multiple Brokers, Console Consumer and Console Producer. Also you will test performance of the Kafka Cluster using built-in utility called Performance Monitor.

In practice sections you will perform multiple practice Apache activities:

Create cluster with multiple brokers

Create topic with multiple partitions spread across different brokers

Create topics with replication factor that allows you to store copy of every message on different brokers for redundancy

Produce messages using built-in Console Producer

Consume messages using built-in Console Consumer

Launch multiple consumers in the same consumer group

Launch Performance Monitor for testing Consumers and Producers performance and speed

You will also learn and practice how to use Apache Kafka API to create your own Consumers and Producers

Create Java Maven project

Launch Producer and Consumer using Java

Launch multiple consumers in the same Consumer Group

Understand and practice difference between "subscribe" and "assign"

Create Node.js project

Launch Producers and Consumers using Node.js

Create Python project

Launch Producers and Consumers using Python

During the course you will need to view and edit text files. For that you will NOT use terminal. Instead you will use GUI application VisualStudio Code. Also all configuration files and project files are available in the GitHub repository. This means that during this course you will also learn how to use :

Git and GitHub

VisualStudio Code

With this course you will get lifetime-long access to more than 100 lectures and tens of practical exercises. After the course you will become a guru of Apache Kafka and will be able easily create custom Apache Kafka Producers and Consumers.

But most important is that you will UNDERSTAND Apache Kafka.

Who this course is for:

Beginners who want to learn Apache Kafka
Advanced Apache Kafka users who want to learn how to build producers and consumers in other languages like Node or Python
This course is for you if you want to PRACTICE using Kafka and it's APIs
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